Castle battle


What is Castle?

Castle is an event that allows Clans to fight for control of the Newwind Castle. The winning clan is the one that holds the sheep the longest during the event. Holding castle allows only your clan members or allies to enter. Every 12 hours, treasure chests fill with useful loot that can be harvested by officers or the clan leader.

Useful Info

Travel to castle: /warp castle

Enter castle (holding clans only): /warp castle-bridge

Check castle times: /castle

- Anyone can participate in the battle

- Items/XP kept on death

- Ender pearls are disabled

- Items take damage

- All teleport commands into the castle are disabled.

Only players in Clans can conquer the castle by destroying its heart.

The Clan leader can change all the banners around spawn to their own by right-clicking their clan banner onto a dedicated switch banner. Annoy previous owners by replacing their banner with your own.

Newwind Castle Siege times (ET) 

Wednesday : 3:30 PM – 4:00 PM 

Saturday:   2:00 PM – 2:30 PM 


The newwind fishing contest

Fish in the spawn area to get on the scoreboard. Killing others gets you all their fish.

Leaving spawn, teleporting or dying makes you lose all fish.

Winners are announced and rewarded upon event end.

Winning Prizes

 1st place - 1x Heart of the ocean, 15x dragon eggs, 10x nether stars, 3x Evolved Blue fish.

2nd place - 10x dragon eggs, 8x nether stars, 2x Evolved Blue fish.

3rd place - 8x dragon eggs. 6x nether stars, 1x Evolved Blue fish.

4th place - 5x dragon eggs. 3x nether stars.

5th place - 5x dragon eggs. 3x nether stars.

Bait times (ET)

Saturday and Sunday:   4:00 PM – 4:45 PM