Castle battle


Newwind used to be a peaceful place, no blood was ever shed deep within the inner city walls. One day the people realized that the castle gates were left open; to their surprise, there was no king or queen to be found. Seeing as the castle was left open for ploughing, Clans began their siege of conquest! The treasures became properties of the strongest.

What is the Clan Battle?

The Clan Battle is a game feature that allows Clans to fight and conquer the newwind Castle. The castle contains benefits. Every 12 hours, treasure chests fill with useful loot that can be harvested by the Clan leader.

Battle Info

Battle waypoint: /warp castle

Check siege time: /castle

- Anyone can participate in the battle

- Items/exp kept on death

- Ender pearls are disabled

- Consumables/durability affected

- All teleport commands are disabled during castle siege

Only players in Clans can conquer the castle by destroying it’s heart

Ownership of the castle and upgrades will remain intact until the castle heart is destroyed. When new clan takes over the castle during battle, all upgrades from previous owner are removed. 

The Clan leader  can customize the Newwind Castle banner by right-clicking your own banner onto a dedicated switch banner. Rustle jimmies of previous owners by replacing their banner with your own.

The castle area is accessible only by the holding clan outside of these hours.

Newwind Castle Siege times (PST) 

Wednesday : 2:30 PM – 3:00 PM 

Saturday:   12:00 PM – 12:30 PM 

Chest hunt

 This randomly occuring event spawns a chest in the near spawn region with a very high chance of containing a god weapon and other valuables. 10 minutes before the chest is spawned, the coordinates are announced in chat. Be careful though, 1 minute after the chest spawns, the chest goes out with a massive explosion. This could easily kill any geared player with its sheer power 


The newwind fishing contest

Fish in the /warp bait arena at spawn to get on the scoreboard. Killing others gets you all their fish.

Leaving the bait arena makes you lose all fish.

Winners are announced and rewarded on event end.

Winning Prizes

 1st place - 15x dragon eggs, 10x nether stars, 1x Heart of the ocean, 3x Evolved Blue fishies.

2nd place - 10x dragon eggs, 8x nether stars, 2x Evolved blue fishies.

3rd place - 8x dragon eggs. 6x nether stars, 1x evolved blue fish.

4th place - 5x dragon eggs. 3x nether stars.


Newwind Bait times (PST) 

Saturday:   2:00 PM – 2:30 PM 

Sunday:   2:00 PM – 2:30 PM