- Do not cheat or use hacked clients

This includes x-ray Texturepacks and bots such as baritone. Litematica, Badlion and Optifine are allowed. If you are caught with a hacked client you will be banned whether you were cheating or not.

- Do not trade newwind items for value outside of newwind.

Exchanging items for a newwind rank or visa versa is permitted because ranks are 'inside' of newwind.

- Always report found Bugs / Exploits

Abusing bugs before/instead of reporting them will not end well for you. If you find a bug, item duplication method or anything suspicious it must be reported immediately

- Do not attempt to intentionally damage the server.

- Do not involve the server with any illegal activities

do not dox/ddos/dox/boot other players.

If you choose to break any of these rules, you may be permanently banned from Newwind. 

The rules above can change depending on a number of factors, so players are recommended to look at the rules page regularly.