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Elytra Race

Event Duration: All day (except during Bait/Payload)

Event Times: Every day

Elytra Race:

A daily event that can be done at any time.
Use /elytrarace warp to teleport to the starting position and jump off the platform to start.
Use /elytrarace ghostmode <mode> </mode>to toggle the showing of a ghost racer. (current best time, personal best time, best all time, or none)

There are two types of rings, regular and blue boost rings.
You cannot use fireworks/movement items while doing a lap.
The elytra race track changes daily, from a pool of a dozen maps (likely to grow in future updates)

When you complete a track, your lap time is put on a scoreboard.
The top players by the end of the day get deggs and dragon scales and the scores reset.
Dragon scales can be used to buy new items from alberto.

Practicing with your elytra and referring to this guide is recommended.
Additionally, check out the specific walkthroughs for each track by yours truly,
as mastering these routes requires significant practice and the development of muscle memory.

Elytra Race Rewards

  • 1st: 7x Dragon Scales, 12x Dragon Eggs
  • 2nd: 6x Dragon Scales, 9x Dragon Eggs
  • 3rd: 5x Dragon Scales, 7x Dragon Eggs
  • 4th: 4x Dragon Scales, 5x Dragon Eggs
  • 5th: 3x Dragon Scales, 4x Dragon Eggs
  • 6th: 2x Dragon Scales, 3x Dragon Eggs
  • 7th: 1x Dragon Scales, 2x Dragon Eggs
  • 8th+: 1x Dragon Egg

New God Items (From Alberto):

  • Champion's Wings - For the biggest flexers, cool dragon egg trail.
  • Armored Wings - Made of steel, has the same armor level as a chestplate.
  • Kamikaze Wings - Creates a huge explosion when you nose-dive at high speed, the emperor would be proud.
  • Pause Pearls - Allows you to teleport to your thrown pearl mid-air by swinging your arm.
  • Search Pearls - When thrown, targets the nearest player and homes towards them (Were once obtainable from magical mystery trader).