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Event Duration: 30+15 minutes (if overtime)

Event Time: Saturday: 4:40 PM (ET)

What is Payload?

Payload is a game mode in which the attacking team must escort a TNT minecart through a series of checkpoints to eventually blow up the defending team's dragon egg within a certain amount of time.

Event Info

  • Blue payload cart on the track.
  • A track and cart appear in spawn, along the track are 3-5 checkpoints, depending on the track.
  • The cart is pushed by attackers by standing next to it – the more attackers near the cart minus defenders near the cart, the faster it moves, up to a limit of 3 players. Any additional players beyond 3 do not increase the speed further.
  • If more players from the defending team than the attacking team stand next to the cart, it becomes contested.
  • If the cart is left unattended or is contested, it stops moving forwards and, after 5 seconds, it begins to roll backwards until the previous checkpoint. The cart-pushing team must stand next to it again to once again move it forwards.
  • When a cart reaches a checkpoint, 3 minutes are added to the timer.
  • There are two teams, Red and Blue, players are put in the emptiest team upon entering spawn during the event. Once assigned a team, they will remain in that team for the duration of the game.
  • Payload lasts 2 rounds, each team takes turns attacking and defending, if both teams have 1 point by the end of the two rounds (draw), the game goes into overtime, where point gain is disabled and the round winner wins the game.
  • There are chokepoints, which are stretches of track which the cart moves over very slowly.

Gaining Points

You can gain points in payload by doing the following:

  • Killing players on the opposite team - 1 point, 2 points if on defending team.
  • Pushing the cart for 5 seconds - 1 point.
  • Pushing the cart whilst a checkpoint is captured - 5 points.

Payload Rewards

If you are on the winning team, your reward is doubled

For example, 1st place on winning team gets 4x Scorned Feather.

  • 1st: 2x Scorned Feather, 10x Dragon Eggs, 8x Star Remnants
  • 2nd: 1x Scorned Feather, 8x Dragon Eggs, 6x Star Remnants
  • 3rd: 7x Dragon Eggs, 5x Star Remnants
  • 4th: 5x Dragon Eggs, 3x Star Remnants
  • 5th: 3x Dragon Eggs


  • Payload is directly inspired by the Team Fortress 2 game mode with the same name.