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Voting 2
2 minute read

Your votes for Newwind are the primary way we bring new players to the server, so it is important that players are incentivized to vote daily.

New Vote Sites:

The number of vote sites has been increased to 12, allowing players to collect up to 6 vote keys per day.

Buffed Vote Loot:

The loot pool for a vote key has been broadened, you can now vote legendary components, all keys and some other rare gods.
You can also vote God Bundles which are shulker boxes containing specific god sets. 

Vote Cooldowns:

Vote cooldowns now show again, across all servers, links you have voted in the past 24 hours will be yellow.

Vote Streaks:

If you vote every day for 7 days in a row, you get a Legendary Vote Key which has significantly increased rare drop chances.
You can view your streak using /vote streak.
The top vote streaks server-wide can be seen using /vote top.

New items:

Barrico - Barrico is a rare sword exclusive to legendary voting keys that parries attacks (If you hit someone at the exact same time as they hit you, their attack is blocked)

Other Changes:

Physical Gift Cards:

Gift cards for the newwind store are now delivered as physical items instead of an email code.
These physical gift card items can be traded or right-clicked to redeem them and reveal their code.

Gift Card Merging:

Multiple gift card codes can now be merged into one by submitting a form.

Gift Card Refunds:

Gift cards can now be refunded by submitting a form.


Anniversary 2024
Anniversary 2024
Anniversary 2024 commences!
1 minute read
Item Rebalance 2
Item Rebalance 2
Based on feedback from the Newwind 2024 item balance vote, we have made changes to almost every god item in the game. More tweaks may be made based on observations.

Heal Cap: The amount of HP you can regenerate from certain gods is limited,...
4 minute read
Easter Event 2024
Easter Event 2024
Easter Event 2024 commences!
1 minute read