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What is a Clan?

A clan enables you to form a team with other players.
To create a clan, use the /clan create command, followed by your desired 4-letter clan tag.

Clan Features

Clans offer a wide range of features and benefits for their members:

  • Make new friends (and enemies), work together.
  • Clans serve as the teams in castle battles, enabling coordinated strategies and shared victories.

Leaving a Clan

If you wish to leave a clan, use the /clan leave command. However, be sure to consider the implications.
Once you leave a clan, you must be invited back by an officer rank or higher.

Disbanding a Clan

Use /clan disband command to permanently delete your clan.


  • The first clan was created on 2019-01-01.
  • There are currently over 3000 clans (as of 05/23)