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Chunks Won't Load upon Login/Getting Timed Out:

This is caused by the internet connection between you and newwind being too slow.

If you have slow internet in general, reducing your render distance in the options menu will improve your connection, as it means the server has to send fewer chunks.

If you have fast internet, your connection routing to Canada, where Newwind is hosted, might be bad.
Try using Cloudflare warp, which routes your traffic through Cloudflare's network. It may increase your ping by a bit, but will likely fix any routing problems.

Ping Too High:

One of the primary causes of high ping is physical distance from the server,
100ms+ would be expected for European players and 300ms+ for Australians (Farthest possible country).

Having abnormally high ping, is usually a result of using Wi-Fi and being too far from the router.

Try to use a wired connection if possible or try to play Newwind closer to your router.

If that does not fix the issue, see above section.

Low FPS:

Here are some recommended performance mods, they require fabric:

  • Sodium - This improves chunk rendering and will drastically improve your framerate by about 3x.
  • ImmediatelyFast - This improves entity rendering and will 2x your framerate in places with a lot of entities.

There are a bunch of other small performance mods, but none of them will have an effect as drastic as Sodium. You can also try optifine, but it can take a long time to update.

Game Randomly Freezes for a Few Seconds:

This is most likely caused by Minecraft running out of RAM. You can try using FerriteCore to reduce RAM usage or allocate more RAM.

Server Is Lagging:

Server lag is infrequent. If you notice this, please report immediately.