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God Anvil


God anvil is accessible via the /warp god-anvil command.

It serves a number of purposes:

  • Repairing God/Legendary/Seasonal items
  • Renaming items
  • Checking the creation date or original owner of items

Repairing Items

  • You must have an active god repair in order to use the god anvil.
  • When you repair an item, one of your god repairs will be used up which puts it on cooldown for 7 days.
  • Repairing Event or Legendary items leads to the loss of their name color.

God Repair Potions

The trader God Anvil Overlooker sells one of the many god repair potions.
The rest of the potions available must be collected during Seasonal Events
Upon drinking, each potion adds an additional god repair per week.

Stacking God Repair Potions

You can only drink one of the same kind of potion.
Seasonal potions are given either the ID 1 or 2 based on their year of creation.
A seasonal god repair with an odd-numbered year such as 2019/2021/2023 will be given the ID 1.
A seasonal god repair with an even-numbered year such as 2020/2022/2024 will be given the ID 2.
This allows you to have 2 of each seasonal potion.

Special God Repairs

There are a number of god repairs that aren't obtained by drinking a potion.

  • Obsidian rank grants the player 1 weekly god repair.
  • Lapis rank grants the player another weekly god repair.
  • Completing all of the smithing advancements grants the player a smithing god repair.

Crafting a God Anvil

You can create your own god anvil to place anywhere by surrounding a normal anvil with 8 Star Remnants.
It does not drop an item when broken.


  • God repair elixirs are often the rarest item to obtain during the seasonal
  • the maximum number of weekly god repairs possible at the moment is 16