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We have a few rules:

- Do Not Cheat or Use Hacked Clients

Certain mods are also disallowed. Breaking this rule will quickly get you banned by the Overseer.

- Do Not Trade Newwind Items for Value Outside of Newwind.

Vice versa is also disallowed. Trading newwind items for newwind ranks is the only exception to this rule. Arranging such a trade is also disallowed.

- Report Found Bugs/Exploits

Abusing bugs before or instead of reporting them will not end well for you. If you find a bug, duplication method or technique with means to generate value at a rapid rate it must be reported immediately. 

(Carpet, rail and TNT duping is allowed)

- Do Not Attempt to Intentionally Damage the Server

- Do Not Involve the Server With Any Illegal Activities

Do not share or threaten to share Linked Personally Identifiable Information of another player. E.g. full IRL name, picture, address or IP address.

Do not hack accounts or blackmail for newwind items. Do not distribute malware to other players.

- No Targeted Harassment or Excess Toxicity

- Do Not Share Accounts or Use VPNs

While this is not disallowed as such, if an account that you have used in the past is banned, you can automatically become banned by association.

- Do Not Advertise or Excessively Spam or Post Adult/Violent Content

No-one wants to see that.

- Do Not Encourage Others to Break the Rules

Extreme breaking of the rules will result in an drastically increased ban length; otherwise, bans usually follow the format: 

1st ban: 30 Days + player-data wipe. 

2nd ban: 6 Months + player-data wipe. 

3rd ban: 2 Years + player-data wipe. 

4th ban: 7 Years + player-data wipe. 

5th ban: 25 Years + player-data wipe.

The length of ban for IRL trading uses the formula:

Base ban length (See above) + (1.2 * Dollar value traded).

The rules above can change depending on a number of factors, so players are recommended to look at the rules page regularly. 

Rule Breakers: