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Allowed Mods

Disallowed Mods

  • Any hacked client or "utility mod"
  • Automation mods (e.g. Baritone/Fabritone)
  • X-ray mods/texture packs
  • Mods that let you see blocks/entities through walls (e.g. ESP)
  • Entity/player highlighters
  • Freecam mods
  • Scripts/Automation software (e.g. AutoHotkey)
  • Vanilla exploits (X-ray bugs/Pie Ray/F3+A)
  • Map mods that display players/entities/underground structures
  • Auto fishing mods
  • Elytra hotswap
  • Version changer mods (Viaversion/Viaforge/Viafabric) (Incompatible)
  • Vivecraft (Incompatible)
  • Ping/packet manipulation mods/programs
  • "Lock on"/Aimbot mods
  • Auto-clickers above 1 click per second
  • Auto-clickers for PVP/PVE (Auto clickers are only allowed for farms)
  • Modifications that make you click more than 20 times per second
  • Mods that modify player/vehicle/elytra movement (e.g. wall climbing, fast sneak)
  • Any mod that manipulates the inventory or crafting (e.g. sorting, hot-swap, fast crafting, villager trading)
  • Any mod that makes the player do an action, such as mine, attack, move items, drop items, etc
  • Swing through grass mods
  • Skin blinking mods
  • Structure finders/Seed maps
  • Autoswitch
  • Tweakeroo

Allowed Mods

  • Performance mods (Sodium/Lithium/Starlight)
  • Optifine/Optifabric
  • Labymod
  • Lunar client
  • Feather client
  • Full bright mods
  • Badlion client
  • NoChatReports
  • Better PVP (fair-play only)
  • Durability viewer mods
  • Food viewer mods
  • Shulker box viewer mods
  • Litematica
  • Controller mods

If a mod isn't on this list, please use common sense to determine whether it would be allowed. (Does it give you an unfair advantage over others?)

For example, if someone takes a feature common in hacked clients, e.g. Free-cam/ESP/auto-totem,
and puts it into a "quality of life" mod, using the mod will probably get you banned.

If you get client errors when using a mod you should stop using it immediately.