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Newwind 3.0
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Auction House 

A new auctioning system allows you to bid for other people's items and list your own.

Talk with a trader in /warp auction-house to view the auction house.

The items with the highest bids are shown on pedestals inside the auction house.

Quest System

An alternate way to get loot. 

Typing /quest gives you a soul-bound quest book. This book will have 2 quests on it that you can complete for a predetermined reward. 

Once you have completed one of the quests, your reward will be given and it will create a new page with 2 new quests. 

You can complete as many quests as we can make.

Castle Redesigned 

Instead of having a single holding clan, clans participating in castle will now hold a percentage of the castle based on the points they earned during the battle.

Castle loot has been removed, replaced daily split of 100 embers between holding clans.

if 2000 points are gained between all clans, gaining 200 points during castle will get you 10% of castle loot and taxes.

We have experimentally removed sheep B.

Seasonal Changes

To keep seasonals fresh, we have decided to reduce how long seasonals can run by 75% (A 2-month event will now be 2 weeks). Key rates have been adjusted for this change.

The anniversary event will end on June 1st.

Chests in seasonal dimensions will now regenerate after being destroyed.

Birdwatch Changes

All participants will be rewarded instead of just the top 5.

Cabot key can now be bought from Cabot, it will give a random birdwatch item.

Bait 3.0 

Bait will now have the top 5 glow instead of the top 3.

Blocks can be broken in spawn during bait.

Rank Changes

Diamond rank and higher will get a dragon egg from /daily (obsidian rank will get 2 dragon eggs now)

Obsidian rank and higher get 1 Midas key per week.

Changes to voting

All castle components have been added to voting.

Voting will guarantee at least 1 dragon egg vote.

Easter Event 2024
Easter Event 2024
Easter Event 2024 commences!
1 minute read
Voting 2
Voting 2
Your votes for Newwind are the primary way we bring new players to the server, so it is important that players are incentivized to vote daily. New Vote Sites: The number of vote sites has been increased to 12, allowing players to collect up to 6...
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Valentine's Event 2024
Valentine's Event 2024
Valentine's Event 2024 commences!
1 minute read