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Dungeons And Dimensions
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It's finally here! After over 1 year of development and multiple delays.


  • Enter the prisma dimension using /dungeon warp.
  • There are many dungeon towers scattered throughout.
  • Dimensions are wild, meaning items drop upon death.
  • However, inside of dungeons, your items are protected and do not drop.
  • To start a dungeon, use the control panel at the bottom of a dungeon tower.

Dungeon Progression:

  • All players start at Dungeon #1. 
  • You can see your progress with /dungeon.
  • There are 50 Prisma dungeons that increase in difficulty and loot exponentially.
  • #50 might be impossible to complete.
  • Opening a dungeon requires a dungeon key. 
  • Each dungeon session is private, you can invite players in the control panel.
  • Once opened, you must complete the dungeon within the time limit or the dungeon will be lost.
  • If you are the opener of a dungeon, completing it will increase your progress to the next level.

Difficulty Scaling:

  • The first dungeon is very easy and barebones.
  • As you unlock further dungeons, new enemies and hazards are introduced.
  • Enemy health and quantity increases.
  • Loot increases.

Game Mechanics:

  • Players have 3 lives by default
  • Losing all lives means you cannot re-enter the current session, you won't get any loot.
  • If all players lose their lives, the dungeon is lost.
  • To win a dungeon, complete all of its rooms.


  • Loot scales based on the dungeon number.
  • Loot scales directly based on the player count. 3x the players means 3x loot. 
  • Loot is split amongst players upon dungeon completion.


  • A mini-map is displayed on the right side of your screen.
  • It shows which rooms are incomplete and player locations.

Boss Fights:

  • Bosses await at Dungeons 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50.
  • They must be defeated to progress.

Runes and Upgrades:

  • Rune keys can be found in dungeon loot.
  • When opened at auction house, they drop a random rune.
  • There are over 16 different runes, some are rarer than others.
  • Runes, when placed in your /dungeon runebag, give various buffs to assist your dungeoneering.
  • Certain runes can be levelled up at an upgrade table in exchange for currency.
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