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Newwind 4.5 - Crossplay
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Newwind Bedrock Edition:

We have modified newwind to allow minecraft bedrock and pocket edition users to play.

You can now play from Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo Switch, IOS, Android or Windows.

Minecraft bedrock has a player base much larger than that of java, making the server accessible to more people.

Joining from bedrock uses your microsoft account, separate from your java edition account.


Bedrock IP: port: 19132


Known Limitations with Bedrock:

As minecraft java and bedrock are completely different games, there are a few minor limitations:

  • Bedrock does not support text hovering/clicking or rainbow chat colors yet.
  • Tab completion does not work, although we will add support for it in future.
  • Overseer has been modified to support the different physics of bedrock but there still may be some false positives.
  • Custom biome colors do not appear on bedrock yet.
  • Due to an unpatched bug, bedrock can appear jittery when very far from spawn.
  • To switch certain items to your offhand on bedrock, you need to hold B and select an emote.

Discord Chat Bridge

In-game chat has been linked to the newwind discord. 

Allows you to talk with friends even when you aren't online.

Other Changes: 

2022/08/02 - Add tag key to quest rewards.

2022/08/04 - Increase range of  /wild.

2022/08/10 - Improve tutorial.

2022/08/20 - Add noob quests for new players.

2022/09/10 - Bedrock support is stable enough for release.

2022/09/11 - Implement discord chat bridge.

Elytra Race
Elytra Race
Elytra Race: New daily event that can be done at any time.
Use /elytrarace warp to teleport to the starting position and jump off the platform to start.
Use /elytrarace ghostmode <mode> to toggle the showing of a ghost racer. (best time, personal...
4 minute read
Easter 2023
Easter 2023
Easter Event 2023 commences!
1 minute read
Payload Event
Payload Event
Read more here.
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