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Newwind 4.4 - Display Tags
1 minute read

We have added display tags to newwind, along with emojs and other changes.

Display tags are cosmetic items obtained from a tag key.

Each one is generated uniquely with random colors, and symbols, some variations are rarer than others.

Right click to equip and it appears above your head. You can look straight up to see it yourself.

The /aura command has been changed to /cosmetics to also include display tags.

Remove or change the text of your display tag via the GUI.

The tags can be taken off and traded to other players.


Can by typed in the same form as discord emojis.

Other Changes: 

2022/07/02 - Increase daily dragon limit.

2022/07/03 - Add a castle sheep invulnerability period after capture.

2022/07/05 - Give fealty durability.

2022/07/07 - Buff quest rewards.

2022/07/10 - Increase duration of villager-made auctions.

2022/07/11 - Italicise custom mob names in death messages.

2022/07/14 - Summer event.

2022/07/22 - Fix godlike regen nerf only applying to cowl.

2022/07/23 - Increase heal pool of snowy boots but made them resistance 1.

2022/07/23 - Reduce castle sheep health and add health delta to health status.

2022/07/25 - Add MOTD on join to inform players of current news.

2022/07/29 - Expire custom projectiles after a certain amount of hang-time.

2022/07/30 - Add display tags.

2022/08/02 - Add backup voting link in-case one of the sites are down.

Elytra Race
Elytra Race
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Use /elytrarace ghostmode <mode> to toggle the showing of a ghost racer. (best time, personal...
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Easter 2023
Easter 2023
Easter Event 2023 commences!
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Payload Event
Payload Event
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